cassette log
nusa ina boys legacy
A-side / B-side
Got a message from my dad; he found his old cassette player, from the 70's, still working.
First sound mix with some recordings.
And trying to work with Audacity.
Associative recording while editing.
Technical day in Venray with help from Edwin and dad. We tried to fix my dad's old cassette player, which is still under construction. I learned about taping, and all the technicalities of cassette recording.
At the end of the day I had record my first cassette tape!
bought a 'new' cassette player that same day, since the speakers of the one I had still needed to be fixed.
reminder video: how to tape.
Testing sound in the garage as a possible exhibition space.

_Fragment of Bengawan Solo (english version)
by Frances Yip
cassette cover sketching
update #3